North Shore Medical Center

1100 NW 95th St, Miami, FL 33150, USA

The North Shore Medical Center aims to provide patients with maximum comfort and care by offering the most advanced medical technologies in the hands of highly qualified professionals. Great importance is attached to the private life of the family, so all the chambers are separate. Also there are branded maternity wards.

The birth of a child is a special experience for every woman. Therefore, the spacious chambers of the North Shore Medical Center are decorated in the style of a luxurious hotel room, where newly-made mothers can feel as comfortable as possible.

Hospital North Shore Medical Center was awarded 5 stars in the ranking of maternity and child care. Every day, doctors and hospital staff do their best to maintain the appropriate level of service. North Shore Medical Center has 60 years of successful work.

Doctors of the North Shore Medical Center specialize in obstetric care for a normal and risky pregnancy. Their goal is to give patients the best experience of pregnancy and to provide peace of mind when caring for a newborn.

The North Shore Medical Center is equipped with a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which provides the highest survival rate among infants with low birth weight and height.

While visiting the hospital, you can personally see the high level of comfort and medical support of the North Shore Medical Center.


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