Apartments for rent


Annually Miami is visited by up to 14 million tourists, which makes this resort one of the most popular in the world.


When you decided to have a baby in the USA, you need to understand that this is not a matter of one week or even a month. Therefore, the issue of comfortable and cozy housing is relevant as never before.

Of course, you can stay at a hotel, Miami has plenty of them. But will even the best hotel be as nearly good as a convenient and comfortable individual housing? The question is rhetorical, so entrust us with the selection of an apartment or apartments where you will spend the next months.

Features of Miami and its suburbs, as a resort zone, determine the features of the local housing market and pricing, which depend on many factors.

The main criteria for housing choosing and pricing are as follows:



Proximity to the Ocean

Number of bedrooms

Rent term



  • Seasonality – even in the city of Miami’s eternal summer there are seasons of rest. High season begins in March and lasts until summer, and then continues in the fall. During this period, the rental price is higher than in the low periods (summer and winter);
  • Location – fashionable trendy area or a quiet cozy family area – all this affects the price of rent;
  • Proximity to the ocean – even within the same district or suburb of Miami, the cost of renting an apartment/apartments can vary significantly based on the remoteness of housing from the ocean;
  • Number of rooms – more rooms – more rental price and vice versa;
  • Interior – modern design, the use of smart home systems, the presence of a Jacuzzi or a summer terrace, all this and many other things affect the rental price;
  • Deadline – this rule is valid for the whole world. The longer the period, the greater the discount from the apartment owner.

The following areas are the most popular:

Sunny Isles Beach

Bal Harbour

Miami Beach

South Beach



By dealing directly with the apartment owner, you are not immune to fraud. The realtor, representing your interests, will check the chosen apartment (for example, whether it corresponds to the photos on the site) and whether there are any “pitfalls” in the terms of the contract, of which you may be unsuspicious being unaware of the laws of the state.

Rent price:

  • Studio, kitchen combined with a bedroom
от1 100 $до2 500 $
  • One bedroom and one living room
от2 500 $до5 000 $
  • Two bedrooms and one living room
от2 800 $до7 000 $
  • Three bedrooms and one living room
от4 800 $до12 000 $


We want to save you unnecessary troubles so that you concentrate on the number one thing, for which you came to Florida – to give birth in the USA. Therefore, we will be happy to select an apartment based on your wishes and budget.

AIST always has:

Licensed realtors

Legal rent contracts

Support and advice 24/7 on any issues

Services of renting apartments, drawing up and signing contracts, verifying tenant and others, are provided by us, either in a package with other services, or separately. The rental price can vary significantly depending on the factors described above.