Car Rental

If you have not been to America yet, we are ready to argue, you will be surprised by its scale and the distances that are considered ordinary for locals. Take my word for it, only using a car for travels, you will at most feel the fullness of freedom and realize the scale of the city and the state.

The availability of a car also facilitates visits to clinics and doctors, trips to supermarkets, and allows you to travel easily out of town. Add here also the democratic cost of gasoline, and we are ready to say that it is more profitable to use cars than public transport. And if you are going to give birth in America, are you going to take your other half and the baby from the clinic by bus or subway?

AIST USA offers you a car rental service. Budget car options are available for you, for everyday city trips, business class sedans, in which you can comfortably drive up to the restaurant in the evening, family minivans for long trips. And, of course, there are SUVs so that your wife or girl should feel herself more protected, as well as sports cars to feel all the capabilities of high-quality highways.

We recommend you using our car rental service. You can do it in a package with other services, or separately.