Business and Investments

Have you thought about investing in the US? If not, we will try to provide reasonable and convincing arguments why it can be profitable.

The investment attractiveness of Miami is based on four pillars:

  1. Excellent microclimate for business and investments

    Miami is one of the largest financial and business centers in the United States. The region ranks 2nd in the rating of the fastest growing economy in the country. 100 companies and corporations specializing in investments from the Fortune 500 list have their offices in the capital of Florida state. Miami is the largest port hub in the region, and its international airport is the second in the US by passenger traffic.

  2. Building Boom

    Within the framework of Miami 2020 Comprehensive Development Master Plan, a huge number of square meters of residential and office premises are being built in the city. One of the most ambitious projects in the history of the city – Brickell City Center block of skyscrapers – may serve as an example..

  3. High demand for rental properties

    The flow of tourists to the region is ever growing. So, in 2015, the city was visited by over 15 million people. The permanent population of the agglomeration is also growing: for 5 years the number of permanent residents of the city has grown by 5%. Miami takes the second place after Los Angeles among the US agglomerations with the most expensive rental housing. Rent of an apartment with one bedroom is on the average $1.8 thousand per month.

  4. State Taxation System

    In Florida, there is neither personal income tax nor a luxury tax.


Why investing in Miami can be entrusted to AIST USA:

Availability of professional licensed legal partners in the US, they submit all documents personally, which significantly speeds up the process

You can receive legal advice, including in Russian, as our lawyers speak several languages

Full confidentiality of your information entrusted to us, which is guaranteed by the US laws and professional legal ethics

10 years’ successful experience in business and investment

The most popular types of investment in the US are as follows:

Investment in real estate

The rapid development of the state of Florida, a large number of infrastructure projects and projects in the sphere of housing and office development, make investing in real estate popular among people looking for profitable options of capital investment. On a provisional basis, real estate can be divided into three groups depending on its purpose:


  • Residential real estate – where you can live, being in Florida, and at other times – renting it out, because the state is one of the most visited places in the world.


  • Commercial real estate – is very popular with investors, thanks to Triple-Net-Lease – a contract under which the lessee undertakes to pay all taxes on real estate, insurance premiums, and operating costs that may be incurred during the lease term.


  • Development projects and land plots for development – projects and land plots for the construction of housing and commercial complexes.

Investment in mortgages

The financing of mortgage loans is one of the most attractive and least risky types of investment. It provides a considerable profitability (up to 10% per annum) and minimal risks due to the fact that the investment object is in your mortgage before the full repayment of cash by the borrower.

Investment in securities

Investments in securities are a very interesting and highly profitable way of investing, which makes it possible to protect ones savings from inflation and to obtain a source of additional income. This is one of the most popular and profitable forms of investing free funds all over the world, and the US is no exception.

Investment in movie production

According to statistics, in the USA, over 60% of the movie’s value is returned to the investor during the prerelease stage, after which the sale of movie rights to international movie providers usually takes place. Moreover, the guaranteed money can be obtained if the movie is given distribution rights in the United States.

The immigration program for investors in the US economy has been operating since 1990 and since then, about 10,000 EB-5 visas (immigration through investment) are provided annually under the program.

To obtain this visa, there are certain requirements:

  • invest in the US economy from 500 thousand dollars within 5 years;
  • or create 10 jobs for permanent USA residents (with the family members of the investor not counted when calculating the created jobs);
  • provide full information about the investment sources, the EB-5 program requires that sources be completely legal.

Steps for obtaining a residence permit in the United States under the EB-5 program

  • Step 1

    We will help you find or start a business project yourself in which you can invest. As a rule, the project has the form of a commercial enterprise. It is important to know that each applicant must be an “accredited investor”.

    This means that the net asset value at the time of business acquisition should be at least $ 1 million, including the income of the spouse, but less the cost of the main housing, or the person must have an annual income of $200,000 in the course of 2 years (or $300 thousand for the same period but taking into account the income of the spouse) and have good prospects to receive such income in the new year.

  • Step 2

    The procedure of investing is as follows. The money is credited to a special bank account. Then the migration lawyer confirms the fact of investing by filling out the application form I-526 (Green Card) with the US Migration Service, which informs the applicant about its decision in 4-6 months. A positive decision at this stage allows the applicant and his wife to live and work anywhere in the US, and allows the child to attend school in America.

  • Step 3

    After approval of the application by the US Migration Service, the investor has the right to conditional two-year permanent residence in the United States. You can get it in two ways. If the investor under the EB-5 program already has a permanent residence in the US, then he submits an application on Form I-485 to bring his status in line with the conditional two-year status of a permanent resident. If the investor does not have any status in the US, then he submits an application on the form DS-230 for a visa to the visa center in his country, after which he passes all necessary procedures in the consulate or embassy. On average, the procedure takes 6-12 months.

  • Step 4

    The conditional two-year status of a permanent resident becomes an unconditional status of a US resident. To do this, 90 days before the end of the conditional status, the applicant shall submit an application on form I-829 to the US Migration Service, which is a proof that the investor meets all the requirements of the EB-5 program.

    Then after 6-8 months, a person (spouse and children under the age of 21) can live and work in the United States on an ongoing basis. Then after 5 years one can become a citizen of the United States subject to living in the territory of America for at least 2.5 years.

The package of documents necessary for the commencement of the EB-5 procedure:

Certificates of birth of all family members

Marriage certificate


Police certificate

Business Registration Documents

Tax Declarations (personal and corporate)

Gift deeds (if any)

Evidence of title to real property

Dividend documents

Letter of employment

Bank Letters


AIST USA tax advisers will help you understand the US taxation system, both for legal entities and for individuals, and provide the following services:

  • Consultations in the selection of the optimal legal form of business organization in the USA
  • Planning and creation of the most optimal holding structures from the point of view of taxes (including offshore ones)
  • Tax planning for non-resident investors to optimize US taxes and avoid double taxation
  • Tax planning for non-residents planning to become residents (green card, business immigration).
  • Tax planning for residents and citizens of the United States with commercial interests abroad and minimization of double taxation
  • Full accounting and tax support for legal entities and individuals in the United States
  • Representation of the taxpayer in the US Internal Revenue Service.



Accurate adherence to tax legislation (one can certainly use legal possibilities to minimize taxation) is one of the most important requirements for successful work and doing business in America, therefore saving on tax advisers can lead to legal litigation with authorized bodies and much heavier expenses in the future.


This type of business immigration is one of the simplest with a minimum set of requirements and the term for obtaining a Green Card (if all the conditions necessary for obtaining a visa are met) – it takes no more than 2 years.

The essence of L-1 visa immigration is to open a branch of the company in the United States and transfer employees to positions in the branch.

The L-1 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa. The persons who work for the department (head office, branch, or a subsidiary) of the same company in the USA can apply for it and work in a managerial position or as a leading specialist.



Family members (wives / husbands, children) of the visa applicant may apply for L-2 visa


L-1 visa eligibility criteria

  • Availability of your own company or business, which has been operating officially for at least one year;

  • there must be a clear link between the company in your country of residence and the company in the US (for example, a company in the US must be a subsidiary of your company)

  • registration of your company in the USA


The advantages that the L-1 visa gives you

  • the right to live and work in the United States for one year without leaving it (members of your family: wife / husband and children are allowed to live with you);

  • the opportunity to extend the visa after a year for another 2 years and then get a Green Card.



  • A company in the United States is not required to conduct exactly the same or similar activities as your principal company;
  • There are neither requirements for the company’s stated capital, nor the need for mandatory amounts of investment in it;
  • When applying for L-1 visa renewal documents for another 2 years, it is necessary to confirm that a company based in the US is developing (conducting business transactions, hiring employees, made a website etc.).

If you are interested in obtaining an L-1 visa, contact the AIST-USA consultants and they will provide you with detailed information that is needed from both the company in your country of residence and the newly established company in America.


When creating an American company, we recommend using the same name as the principal company, indicating “US” in its name. Thus, there will be a clear indication of the US subsidiary.

An American company must have real leased premises. The lease is part of the application for L-1 visa.

Establishment of a company in the United States begins with a simple application Form which you can request from AIST USA consultants. You must provide the following information in the Form:

Company name (if such name already exists, think of several options)

Copy of the passport of the Founder (founders, participants)

Mail address in your country for correspondence

Contact phone number

E-mail address

If you want to establish a company where your name as the owner will be hidden from the general access, we will help to register the company with an anonymous founder.

We help to establish companies of different types:

With one or more founders;

Limited Liability Company (LLC);

S Corporation (inc);

C Corporation (inc);



In addition to registering the company itself, you will need to register an EIN (Employer Identification Number) – this is the registration number in the Internal revenue Service, which also


AIST USA specialists will help you to open a personal or business account in the largest and most secure banks in America, such as Bank of America, TD Bank, Chase, City Bank, and Wells Fargo.

The procedure for opening is quite simple. Our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions and select the appropriate bank for you.

To open a personal bank account, you will need:

International passport

Driving license

Phone number in the US (you can use Skype or Google Voice services)

E-mail address

 Billing address (usually the address of your residence)


Для открытия бизнес счёта:

International passport

Driving license

Phone number in the US (you can use Skype or Google Voice services)

E-mail address

 Billing address (usually the address of your residence)

Company registration documents

Company registration number in the US Internal Revenue Service

To become an owner of real estate in America, particularly in Miami is probably one of the first questions you are thinking about when you decide to move to the United States.

However, the prices for good housing in the US are quite high, therefore, not to take money from the business or if you cannot buy comfortable and cozy housing, as they say, in one payment – we recommend that you consider the possibility of a mortgage that is available in the United States even for non-residents.

AIST USA consultants will help you find the best mortgage program. We guarantee confidentiality, individual approach and minimum bureaucracy.

Most popular types of real estate in USA


This includes studios, and multi-bedroom apartments, lofts.


Unique structure, with a unique design and layout.


A complex of similar houses, mostly in the suburbs. With the same form, they can have a different layout.

New buildings

Apartments in houses that are sold during the construction phase, their price increases with the approach of the handover date.

The main conditions of lending in the US:


  • Term of a mortgage loan in the US is up to 30 years
  • The minimum loan amount is $100,000
  • The maximum loan amount is $10,000,000
  • The minimum down payment on the loan is 30% of the cost of housing
  • Early repayment of a loan without restrictions
  • There is no commission for early repayment
  • Typical term of mortgage loan formalization is 20 to 60 days

AIST USA will provide you with a qualified and certified interpreter for any of your US needs:

  • Providing individual interpreters at seminars, exhibitions and congresses;
  • Business support and business tourism;
  • Negotiation with the participation of a professional simultaneous interpreter;
  • Accompanying by interpreter for personal (everyday) needs.

Our interpreters can accompany you not only in Miami, but also throughout the US. Moreover, we will provide for you the translation of texts into English and from English documents, including legal documents.