When a baby comes into the world, parents from the first seconds try to surround the child with love, warmth and care, so that he should grow healthy and happy. And in this case, an experienced pediatrician will be the main assistant for the newborn’s parents.

AIST USA recommends that you decide with the pediatrician in advance, as the next day after delivery, the doctor will begin to take care of the health and development of your baby.


  • The American School of Pediatrics is one of the best in the world.
  • The majority of scientific discoveries were made by pediatricians from the United States.
  • American pediatricians have developed a variety of methods of treatment and diagnosis.

We offer

Complete examination of the newborn

Recommendations for the care of newborns

Consultations on the choice of the type of feeding

Advice on vaccination

Treatment of children


The country has an internationally respected American Academy of Pediatrics (founded in 1930, comprising over 55,000 active doctors). Each pediatrician is subject to licensing. In the US, these issues are strictly regulated and monitored; working with children is a huge responsibility and only the best of the best are allowed. If you do not speak English well in Miami, Russian-speaking pediatricians are also available.


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The next day after childbirth, the chosen pediatrician will definitely come to visit you in the maternity ward. The doctor will find out how the delivery proceeded, ask about the mother’s well-being and carefully examine the child’s analyzes and data.

And then, as mom and baby are at home, we recommend that a “guest visit” should be paid to the doctor on the 4th-5th day after delivery. The pediatrician will examine the newborn, evaluate his reflexes, the condition of the cord wound, skin, weight gain, height, head size, check the body temperature and will definitely answer all your questions and give advice on caring for the newborn. Also, if necessary, a blood test for bilirubin may be taken from the heel of the baby. Together with the pediatrician you can choose the type of feeding the child, decide whether you will do the vaccination of the baby. In a week you can arrange a second visit for the final diagnosis of your child’s health status.


After the first few weeks of life, visits to the pediatrician will be held once or twice a month