Stem Cells

Many parents have an excellent tradition: to open a deposit in the name of their babies, on the day of birth of the child. The baby grows up, here he/she already walks and talks, and than the child becomes a charming boy or girl, while his/her parents regularly add money to the account. And thus, on the day of coming of age, the son or the daughter becomes the owner of his/her first capital. They might buy a car, or go on journey, or maybe they will pay for their education at a university – that doesn’t matter. What is important is that parents take care of his/her future from the baby’s very first day, laying the foundation for the child’s well-being.

AIST USA suggests parents to lay a reliable foundation not only for material wellbeing of the child, but also for his/her health – umbilical cord blood collection and subsequent storage together with stem cells in a special cryogenic storage. Now we will tell you why it is so important and necessary.

Every married couple thinks about their baby’s coming-into-being, what his/her future will be like. Where will he/she be born, what will be his/her first steps, how to give him/her the best start that will ensure a confident future for him/her? We all wish only for the best of what life and destiny offer us for our children.

Useful facts:

transplantations of cord stem cells were performed

is the time required for collection of umbilical cord blood and tissue

risk for mother and child

Why choose us?

We work with the leading private banks throughout the world

Our partners give specific guarantees that your stem cells will survive

Blood collection kit maintains necessary temperature conditions

100% All blood samples are suitable for transplantation after unfreezing

Use of new technologies for blood treatment and stem cells isolation

Our partners are leaders in the sphere of research in our sector

An ordinary human body has nearly 200 types of various cells. With ageing and dying they require replacement. This function is performed by stem cells, which are located in special niches of human organs and tissues, e.g. in skin stem cells are located in dermis. The surface of stem cells is covered with receptors sensitive to various substances produced in damaged places. Thereupon stem cells find a way to the place of the trauma themselves and the process of replacement occurs.

The stat of stem cells, their power and potential to replace damaged tissues of every person depend on his/her general physical condition, way of life (yes, bad habits are bad for good reason) and age. Alas, the power and number of stem cells in human body reduce as years go by. We are sure, that many of you have noticed that the process of healing of injuries and wounds becomes slower with age.

Due to the service of collection and storage of stem material there is an opportunity to get stem cells ready for use at any moment for surgeries, urgent treatment or improvement of health.

As a matter of fact, the umbilical cord blood of your baby is his/her “deposit” for the future, insurance against illnesses and diseases, which may save his/her life. Be sure, the procedure of collection of stem cells of umbilical cord blood is simple and safe for mothers and children. Moreover, now specialists are able to get stem cells not only from blood, but also from the umbilical cord of babies. This innovative breakthrough makes it possible to increase the number of stem cells for storage by a huge ratio.


Medicine used to consider human bone marrow to be the best source of stem cells, but faced clinical difficulties with its use. Years of research enabled scientists to find a new source – that is umbilical cord blood, which contains much more stem cells of far better quality than in the bone marrow.


Use of stem cells makes it possible to cope even with those diseases, against which other methods of treatment give no results. More than 60 diseases are currently cured with stem cells and scientific researches are carried out in relation to another 200 diseases.

Our partners:

For convenience of our customers, banks offer various types of payment and packages for storage of the collected material: basic (collection, processing and 1 year of storage) and packages for storage for 5-25 years and for the entire life.

Specialists of AIST USA will help you to gather necessary documents and choose the bank and storage plan. Such “deposit” for your baby is more valuable than money savings and is not influenced by inflation.


1 год

лабораторные исследования крови
1 год хранения
(пуповинная кровь/пуповинная ткань)

Последующая годичная оплата

(пуповинная кровь/пуповинная ткагь)

Стоимость с предоплатой 21 год



Family Cord 1,350 (кровь) /1,975 (кровь и ткань) 150 2,950 / 4,975 (15 лет)
Stembank 1395 95 2345 - 150$
Viacord 1200 – пуповинная ткань
2045 – пуповинная ткань и кровь
175/300 3965/6795
Cryo Cell 1400 – пуповинная ткань
2320 – пуповинная ткань и кровь
250/350 3949/6524
Cord Blood Registry 1450 – пуповинная ткань
2570 – пуповинная ткань и кровь
150/300 2295/4590 (18 лет) - 200$
Gene Cell 1796 125/250 3595/5495

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