The birth of a child is the top of the relationship of each couple and the most important goal of creating a family. But, at times, not everything turns out smoothly because of the ecology of the surrounding world and reproductive problems (sometimes having a child after 30 is not so simple). In our time, “infertility” has ceased to be a terrible word. And all this is due to the procedure of IVF or, in other words, in vitro fertilization.

IVF is a reproductive technology, which today is the cutting-edge and effective method for overcoming infertility in couples.

The USA is one of the best places for this. It is statistics which is the main argument in our favour:


of infertile couples are able to resolve the issue of infertility


successful programs have been carried out in our clinics

12 000

couples have become happy parents

The way we work:

Qualified specialists

Modern high-quality equipment

Successful experience of IVF application proven by long-term practice

Among the medical clinics and hospitals that enjoy great popularity on the American continent, those located on the coast of Florida are the most popular. In addition to first-class service and the most advanced medical equipment, the surrounding conditions contribute to a wonderful holiday.

The main advantages of IVF:

  • parents can choose the sex of the unborn child with a probability of 99 percent;
  • the possibility to conduct genetic diagnosis of the embryo, to exclude the possibility of various genetic abnormalities and diseases.

Each IVF procedure involves an individual approach. At the first stage, both parents should undergo a diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment. Then, an individual program is developed for each patient that depends on her health and body characteristics.

The American clinics will not start the procedure unless they are as confident as possible of its success.


  1. The natural way – the development of the ovum in the body of a woman occurs on its own.
  2. Artificial option is the formation of several eggs at once.
  3. The technology of introducing the sperm directly into the egg itself.

We want to be clear that the diagnosis, preparation and the full procedure of IVF takes sometimes 2-3 months, so AIST USA is ready to take on all the trouble to organize your residence in the USA (renting an apartment or a house, renting a car, teaching English, and a tourist program), because the emotional mood and concentration on future maternity are at times no less important for the success of IVF than the most advanced medical equipment and experienced doctors.