Water Transport Rent and Fishing

Do you swim well? This is an important question, because the state of Florida is surrounded by water on three sides. It’s the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, billions of cubic meters of salty and warm water, in which it’s so nice to swim.

But if you are not a fan of open water or you are not swimming as cool as Michael Phelps (we will not tell anyone about this, we honor the confidentiality of our customers), AIST USA is ready to arrange a rent of water transport so that you can get to know Florida not only on land but also on the water.

Imagine the yacht floating slowly by the ocean not far from the coastal zone; the salty breeze blows you, the drops fall on the skin. You with your other half or the whole family with the child sunbathe, bathe or read “The Old Man and the Sea” of Hemingway, who lived for some time in Florida.

And in the evening by the light of distant stars, you dine on a drifting yacht, drink wine and just look at the constellations. These experiences are worth to get while in Miami.

For those who like more active water recreation, we are ready to offer something special. AIST USA has prepared for everyone an additional option – fishing in the open ocean, including near the coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. While you are fishing, the boat is anchored or slowly drifting in waves. For example, near the reefs, you can catch the “coral” species of fish – grouper, red snapper and others.

Each yacht for fishing is equipped with everything necessary, including a crew of professional fishers who will help you or teach you the subtleties of ocean fishing.

Can you imagine how delicious it will be, the fish you have caught? Delish!