Medical Treatment

Thanks to the high level of medicine, treatment in the US is becoming increasingly popular. But what does the phrase “high level of medicine” really mean? We would like to answer this question.

It’s no secret that American medicine is quite expensive. But, at the same time, it is the most advanced, innovative and efficient healthcare system in the world, using cutting-edge technologies and the latest medicinal products.

The basis of the popularity of American medicine:

Experienced doctors work in a strict licensing system and full publicity

Presence of the most effective methods of treatment and proven drugs

Hospitals and clinics in America are among the most high-tech in the world in terms of their equipment

The main focus areas of treatment in the USA:

If we break medical procedures into groups, we can say that there are diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. And now we will tell you a little about their features.

Transplantation and treatment

Americans are famous for transplant surgeons. The potential of American medicine is so wide that transplantation operations are carried out almost in every hospital. At the moment, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas and small intestine are successfully transplanted in the USA.

At present, 6 organs are successfully transplanted in the USA:






Small intestine

Oncology and treatment

For the treatment of oncology, American doctors have the most-up-to-date equipment: gamma knife, cyber-knife, nanoknife and nanotechnology, and proton therapy, with most of these methods developed directly in America.

  • Gamma Knife and Treatment

    Is used to treat brain cancer. It is a helmet that helps to direct a beam of radiation rays directly onto the tumor. It allows carrying out treatment even outside the clinic.

  • Proton Therapy

    The treatment of cancer by proton triggers has a high effectiveness of affecting cancer cells, while not damaging healthy tissues.

  • Cyber knife and treatment

    The cyber knife is another effective development of American scientists. Radiosurgical system allows successful influencing the tumors and even the most distant metastases.

  • Nanotechnology and treatment

    American developments in the use of microparticles have made it possible to fight breast cancer successfully, which is the most common form of this disease among women.

  • Nanoknife and treatment

    Nanosurgical development of American doctors, which allows effective removal of tumors and distant metastases.

In America, the percentage of people successfully cured of cancer is one of the highest in the world.

Cardiac surgery and treatment

Among cardiac diseases, the most often performed operations include implantation of the robotic valves in the ventricles of the heart, catheterization, installation of defibrillators, and angioplasty. American doctors prefer minimally invasive methods, which simplifies further rehabilitation of patients.

Neurosurgery and treatment

In America, the diseases are curable that are considered incurable in many countries of the world (cerebral palsy, epilepsy).

Orthopedics and treatment

American doctors have vast experience in treating the spine and joints with the help of endoprostheses. Such treatment is common in sports injuries and various pathologies, and biomechanical prostheses created in the USA help to lead a full life after treatment.

Plastic medicine

American specialists, thanks to many years of experience and a lot of their own developments and innovations in the methods of plastic surgery, are considered the best in the world. Moreover, every year a rating of plastic surgeons is made according to clients’ reviews.


Even the best and most successful treatment requires the rehabilitation of the patient, so that the patient should return to a full life as soon as possible. American rehabilitation programs literally put people on their feet. This is facilitated by the fact that rehabilitation methods are selected individually for each individual patient.