Aircraft Rent

For our most demanding customers, AIST USA has prepared a special service – rent of air transport. We have close contacts with the rental companies and both helicopters and airplanes will be at your service, not to mention private airfields scattered throughout the state.

And then you can just fly over Miami to see all the beauty of the region from a bird’s-eye view, or quickly and safely get to the far corners of the state to have a swim on the wild beaches and admire their beauties. And what photos will be taken for your social networks!

A plane will be an excellent option to travel in America at any time convenient for you. We will arrange a charter flight for you in a short time. Moreover, if your stay in Miami is designed for a long period, you may complete aviation courses from our partners and even learn how to fly a helicopter or a small two-seater.

You can learn about all options from our consultants. The main thing is your desire to climb the sky over Florida.